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Diffusion Immobilier is a Syndic de Copropriété since 1978.

Company independent of any large real estate group, supplier or pressure group, founded at the end of 1977 by Chantal Coste, it has today as partners Benoit Coste, (Chantal's son) involved in the operational side of the company since 1999 and the Michel de Chabannes family, recognized Syndic de Copropriété in Marseille, who joined diffusion immobilier in 2017.

Concerned about the common interest of the copropriétaires (co-owners), our team, supervised by its 2 managers, is made up of a receptionist, 2 managers, 2 assistants and an accounting pool of 3 people;

We manage real estate complexes of all sizes in Barcelonnette, Pra Loup Le Sauze, Super Sauze, Jausiers, Les Thuiles and Port St Pierre with efficiency and reliability.

As the main player in the Ubaye valley, more than 4,000 co-owners representing around a hundred buildings trust us

For greater transparency and efficiency, we have set up a way of working that is unique to us.


Prepared with the members of the “Conseil Syndical”, it is the occasion for a real working session and constructive exchanges in all areas:

  • Financial management
  • Work management
  • Effective means to enforce co-ownership regulations
  • Quality of human relations (Possible aperitif at the end of the General Assembly for better knowledge and exchanges)
  • Information at the end of the session of the latest legislative updates and concrete examples

The General Assembly can take place with the projection on the screen of the votes, of the text of the resolutions, (so it can be worked out during the session), of any document necessary for the understanding of the discussed topic (photos, plans)


Throughout the year, the members of the “Conseil Syndical” are in permanent contact with the manager. They are copies of all emails sent by the manager relating to the life of the building (request for a quote, service order, relations with third parties), but also during formal or informal meetings in the building or at the office, by phone, by email or via the intranet.

The normal pace of the “Conseil Syndical” meetings is as follows:

  • 1 or 2 meetings during the year allowing to take stock of current actions
  • 1 meeting 2 months before the GA to jointly prepare the convocation to the General Assembly and the budgets
  • Other meetings are organized whenever necessary.

Its members have access via the intranet to all information relating to the building:

  • “Conseil Syndical” Reports
  • Comparison between the voted budget and the realized as and when the financial year
  • All accounting balances and in particular that of the co-owners
  • All invoices
III – THE CO-OWNERS (copropriétaires)

Are received throughout the year on request for an appointment by the persons attached to the management of the condominium, or for any other information useful for the management of their assets.

They have access via the intranet to the main information relating to all their property managed by diffusion immobilier

  • contacts: manager and Conseil syndical
  • Accounting information (with the ability to download it in PDF or Excel)
  • The main documents of the building: co-ownership regulations, minutes of general meetings.
  • Any co-owner having difficulties (illness, unemployment, etc.) is offered the possibility of setting up timetables or alternative solutions.
  • Any co-owner who does not meet his financial commitments is subject to the following procedure:
  • 1 month after fundraising: callback free of charge
  • 2 months after fundraising: formal notice in Recommended AR at its expense
  • Order to pay or delivery of his file to the lawyer for execution
  • Diffusion immobilier

  • 3 avenue des trois frères Arnaud

  • Parking de Costebelle
  • 04400 PRA LOUP

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